Déjà Vu


Mixed media on d”Arches hot press paper


Is there a variation of history repeating itself?

It seems so to me.

Four of my uncles served in the military during World War II. One in the US Army Infantry in Europe, one in the Army Air Corps in North Africa, and the third in the US Navy during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

My wife’s mother and grandparents lived in Germany when Adolf Hitler was chancellor. After witnessing Hitler’s rise to power as Führer and the brutal attacks on the Jews and Germany citizenry that followed, causing massive racial strife, they returned to America.

As a child and then young adult I listened to my relatives’ personal accounts of their experiences during the years of that war.

From their stories I see alarming parallels in today’s national events:  hatred, racism, bigotry, and calls for reeducation camps and ethnic cleansing for those that hold different views and opinions.

What do you see?


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Dimensions 24 × 30 in

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Mixed media on archival paper
21st Century
Torenzo Gann

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