Flamboyant Adventure



Flamboyant Adventure

Did you know that a group of flamingos is called a “Flamboyance”?  These girls are as thick as thieves, caught mid-conversation about the next adventure. Where are they headed?  Who cares? Wherever it is they will definitely make a flamboyant entrance.

Hand-built porcelain with layers of ceramic.  Mixed media: antique hay trolley, hand formed and sewn flamingo with vintage lingerie lace, trim, and pearl headed pins, antique beadwork, vintage millinery flowers, enamel paint.


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Dimensions 12 × 16 × 22 in

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Hand built porcelain and mixed media
Kirsten Stingle
Narrative Sculpture
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  • Store Name: Okay Spark
  • Dealer: Okay Spark
  • Address: Norfolk, VA