Fragrant Beauty


SueAnn G. Walentuk, Hand-Embellished Giclée

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“Fragrant Beauty” is one in a series of blossom paintings. Inspired by the beauty of the Gardenia flower, this image symbolizes purity and gentleness. A simple Gardenia – here the beautifully fragrant new blossom protecting the small bud below. A beautiful addition to your home or business. The process for “Hand-embellishment” involves re-creating the textured surface of the original painting on top of the archival ink print using brushes that mimic the original strokes. This is a one-of-a-kind print that has a unique value and is signed by the artist. Bring the flower garden indoors!

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Dimensions 16 × 9 in

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Hand-Embellished Giclée
SueAnn G. Walentuk

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