The Keepers


DetaThe Keepers

The Keeper and her spirit animal are the tender guardians of secrets, wishes, and memories. Evoking a surreal fairytale atmosphere, The Keepers references the very human conditions of longings, aspirations, dreams, and the fragility of memory. They care for the dreams we have as children that drift away; the secrets we keep for ourselves or for others; our deepest desires; our dearest wishes; our lost memories. There is no expiration date within this repository—The Keepers ensure treasures are remembered and safe, only to be released when needed.


The female torso is hand built porcelain with layers of ceramic finishes and cold finishes. Her arms are folded around her chest to protect the keyhole to her heart. The skirt is hand constructed around an antique wire laundry basket. The fabric is hand dyed, and all of the flowers and embellishments are hand cut, sewn, and heat manipulated.  Her antlers are painted, waxed and embellished with copper wire that has been torch forged and painted. She sits atop an old hair dryer armature. Her spirit animal is upholstered and embellished by hand on a vintage taxidermy form. The animal’s collar and tail are hand cut and heat manipulated. It sits on an antique trunk that holds inside the potential of renewal: a ceramic egg within a ceramic nest.


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Dimensions 36 × 60 × 84 in

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Hand built porcelain and mixed media
Kirsten Stingle
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