Winter Shores



Winter Shores


If you guide your own fate, do you become Fate itself? Winter Shores celebrates navigating life’s adventures, exploring outlying shores, and enveloping experience like a new skin. The heroine is ready to face even the most inhabitable and solitary landscapes because she sees her world through a lens of internal confidence and value. The birds that accompany her reference Disneyesque fairytale familiars.  But unlike most fairytales, she is not waiting for someone else to steer the ship. She meets the challenges of the journey and she embraces the surprises that always lie ahead.

Hand built porcelain stoneware with layers of ceramic and cold finishes. She sits on a vintage architectural pedestal symbolizing “home” as an important foundation in our life. The antique yacht and pedestal are painted, distressed, and waxed. Fiber embellishments are hand dyed, sewn and heat manipulated, with hand sewn seed bead. Other mixed media includes eyelashes, glass, and epoxy.


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Dimensions 18 × 42 × 36 in

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Hand built porcelain and mixed media
Narrative Sculpture
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