Heart of Chimera



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The works of Lie Nay Tjien, also know in Spain as Liechennay, but better known to all simply as “Master Chen”, have been sold in many countries throughout the world including the following: Spain, Monaco, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and China. His works have been placed both in well known commercial properties and luxury super yachts as well as numerous prominent private collections around the world. Lassiter Fine Art has now introduced an exclusive collection of Chen’s works selectively to the United States as of October 2012 debuting at Diehl Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Since Chen’s debut in 2012 at Diehl Gallery, he has participated heavily in art festivals around the globe: Art New York 2016, Art Wynwood 2016, Art Stage Singapore, Contemporary Istanbul, Art Market San Francisco, Art Karlsruhe, L.A. Art Show. His upcoming participation currently includes: Art Hamptons 2016.

To ensure that all pieces represent his mastery, Chen creates each work piece by piece, in one inch increments of polished stainless steel, maintaining the utmost level of skill and craftsmanship throughout each execution. The hallmark of Chen’s innovative art is the emotion and feeling maintained within each piece through the application of the latest industrial materials and natural exotics.

For Chen, to know that he has touched others with his art and inspiration is of great importance in his spiritual and artistic evolvement. Recently, Chen’s works have touched many, allowing him to be the recipient of a “Golden Crown” at the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2016. Currently, Chen is working in the Netherlands on his second installation for Oceanco Yachts. One of the largest yachts in the world will now house another magnificent creation.




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Dimensions 70.87 × 31.5 × 86.61 in

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Stainless Steel and Teak Base
Chen (Lie Nay Tjien)

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