Natasha Mayne


Natural Beauty Series
Charcoal pencils and Color Pencils on watercolor paper


Natural Beauty: A series profile portrait drawings of individuals from the creative world who I meet from different communities I travel through. These communities include different states, counties, cities and even social media. I have to feel that connection to be able to execute these portraits.

The features of the portraits have been created in charcoal, expressing that each figure are beautiful and great just the way they are. There is no need for color to show the individual’s true self. The colors that are shown are from nature such as butterflies, insects, birds etc.

Natural Beauty are the female subjects in the series.  In my culture, the women are a representation of the Queens in our world. I want to express, that level of respect in this body of work.  The natural beauties are the queens.

The butterflies are symbolic of beauty in nature as a whole.  Almost every female expressed her favorite color to me. These colors are incorporated into the work. I research a butterfly that possesses that color request.

These portraits represent the power of the individuals in our communities.

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