Sunny Life


Florida Landscape by Kasia Bruniany

Oil on canvas   36″ x 36″


Drawing from the entire body of her rich European heritage, the artist explores the boundaries between realism and abstraction, shifting between landscape and figurative paintings to abstract works.

Visual reminders of Kasia’s personal experiences and emotions are the basis for her abstract paintings. Among monochromatic shapes and lines, interjected with bright colors, she discovers hidden treasures and subtle nuances that suggest elements of real life.

Kasia’s figurative paintings reflect on the enduring legacy of ancient Greek and Roman mythology that still resonates across time. Searching for a common ground, she revives recognizable sculptural figures, rethinking the classical through the lens of modern.

Walking the shorelines, which is a part of Kasia’s lifestyle, always gives her a renewed sense of connection with nature, a feeling that she wants to share with the viewers. Inspiration, that often triggers as the sun lowers towards the horizon, results in an irresistible desire to paint the luminous experience.

Painting is Kasia’s passion and fulfillment. She earned her master’s degree in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. The artist believes art is about our connection to each other as human beings and to nature. She strives to create an intimate conversation between the work and the viewer so that the viewer becomes sensitized to seeing more, appreciating more, connecting more, and loving more in everyday life.


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Dimensions 36 × 36 in

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Oil on canvas 36" x 36"
kasia bruniany
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