Henriett Michel

  • Florida, United States (US)
About This Dealer
Henriett Anri Michel is an emerging artist living in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Driven by a passion to create art through a unique vision and set of skills collected over the past two decades, Henriett created her own mural and fine arts company. As a child in Budapest, Hungary, Henriett spent most of her time sketching the world around and within her. Early on she felt a calling for art that led her to seek fine art training in school for graphic design, sculpture, drawing, and ceramics. In 1999, when Henriett moved to South Florida with her family, she found herself doing decorative paintings, gold gilding, and restoration work. Then in 2003, she applied her skills and passion for detail into large scale surfaces, designing and painting large murals in the Trompe l'oeil style and finding her true love for creating Custom Fine Artwork. More recently, Henriett has been switching back and forth between figurative and large expressionist abstract paintings, while simultaneously creating figurative clay sculptures on the side. Her paintings are inspired by nature's free spirit which she expresses through wild brush strokes using organic gestures and rhythmic vivid colors. Her figurative sculptures on the other hand, are inspired by and based on sketches she drew back in her childhood going back over 30 years ago. Her sculptures represent difficult personal relationships both past and present; the contemporary figures systemically convey the difficult and intense emotions of fear, degradation, shame, loneliness, and the feeling of being overwhelmed.