Jane Baldridge

About This Dealer
Jane is currently featured at the Elliott Museum in: Portfolios – Jane Lawton Baldridge, A Sea Story Girl, curated by Alicia Weber. Other notable exhibits include shows in Times Square, The Musée du Louvre, Lincoln Center (2x), the Museum of Computer Art, the Mint Museum, the Cameron Museum of Art, the Fayetteville Museum of Art and the World Festival of Art on Paper (Slovenia). She has been published and her “We the People,” 911 Tribute, is in the print archives of the Library of Congress. After painting moving water for decades in various media, she utilizes viscosity and alchemy to elicit the paint to tell her story. She has a deep respect for the ocean, tides, currents and wind. When asked why so much blue in her works she explained, “I have spent weeks offshore out of sight of land, looking at blue sky and blue water.”