Lie Nay Tjien Sculpture Silent Auction

Lie Nay Tjien Sculpture Silent Auction



The Palm Beach Art, Antique & Design Showroom and Lassiter Fine Art is pleased to present an exclusive Sculpture Silent Auction of Lie Nay Tjien, better known to all simply as “Master Chen”. A total of 12 stainless steel sculptures will be available for auction through December 13. To ensure that all pieces represent his mastery, Chen creates each work piece by piece, in one inch increments of polished stainless steel, maintaining the utmost level of skill and craftsmanship. The hallmark of Chen’s innovative art is the emotion and feeling maintained with each piece through the application of the latest industrial materials and natural exotics.

Since Chen’s debut in 2012 at Diehl Gallery, he has participated heavily in art festivals around the globe. He has also sold in many countries throughout the world including Spain, Monaco, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and more. Recent recipient of “Golden Crown” at the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2016 for a $3 Million commissioned sculpture around a 5 story glass elevator, his second installation for Oceano Yachts. One of the Largest yachts in the world will now house another of his magnificent creations.

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Now Open Though December 13th 8pm


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