Parrot Tree, SOLD

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Conceptual Photograph


This original, Conceptual Photograph is the sibling to ‘The CELEBRATION’ (flamingos) but featuring a pair of MACAW PARROTS from the Palm Beach Zoo. I had a wonderful time taking several hundred digital photographs of this pair. After a while, they grew comfortable with my company and became quite animated with acrobatic swings, vocals calls, and self grooming. I fell in love with their vibrant coloring and elegant stature. Such proud birds. Later, while reviewing the images I knew I had plenty to work with. The intensity of the photoshop work in this piece was tremendous and definitely an achievement. The Macaw’s exhibit at the Palm Beach Zoo is far from the tropical scene in the piece. Cinder blocks and a flimsy wood branch structure are what they live with. Rather dismal at best. In ‘The PARROT TREE’ I have replaced the concrete blocks with mirrored images from the Tiger exhibit. After hours and hours of preparing each bird, I brought in the parrots to a rather abstract scene until I realized I could build an actual tree from the wood sticks of their exhibit. The tree itself is very intricate which anchors the natural beauty, and lively characteristics of these Macaws. This is an original conceptual photograph that would be the statement of any room and center of many conversations. KASHA


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Original Conceptual Photography
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